Barnet Richard Rubin

A leading expert on Afghanistan and South Asia, Dr. Rubin has spent decades in researching and advising governments related to issues in the South Asian region. He has also served as the Senior Adviser to Special Representative for Afghanistan and South Asia in the U.S. Department of State; and as Senior Adviser to UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for Afghanistan, which resulted in Bonn Agreement.

Dr. Rubin is the author of ‘Afghanistan from the Cold War through the War on Terror’ (2013), ‘Blood on the Doorstep: the Politics of Preventing Violent Conflict’ (2002).

He is also the author of ‘The Fragmentation of Afghanistan: State Formation and Collapse in the International System’ (2002; first edition 1995), ‘Calming the Ferghana Valley: Development and Dialogue in the Heart of Central Asia’ (1999), ‘Stabilizing Nigeria: Sanctions, Incentives, and Support for Civil Society’ (1998); ‘Post-Soviet Political Order: Conflict and State Building’ (1998); ‘Cases and Strategies for Preventive Action’ (1998); ‘Toward Comprehensive Peace in Southeast Europe: Conflict Prevention in the South Balkans’ (1996), and ‘The Search for Peace in Afghanistan: From Buffer State to Failed State’ (1995).