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The ThinkFest brought together students and faculty from every major university in Lahore, collected the best intellects of the world, and certainly opened by newer worlds to all those present, and beyond.

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After the success of the 3rd Afkar-e-Taza ThinkFest in Lahore in January 2019, and the first ThinkFest in Karachi in December 2018, we bring to you the 4th ThinkFest in Lahore in January 2020!!!

Mark your Calendars!!!

ThinkFest Lahore will feature leading academics from across the world, distinguished journalists and commentators, and awarding winning writers. Plus the chance to speak your mind at the Speaker’s Corner where everyone can organise their own talk or panel.

So don’t miss it on January 11-12, 2020.

Stay tuned for speaker and panel announcements in the next few days and weeks!

Come, bring friends, and even foes, and there is no fee, pass or registration. Just Come, Think, Question!

For All Music Fans!

This year we present to you the Ali Sethi headlining the concert at Alhamra Hall, Mall Road Lahore on January 11, 2020.

Ali will be premiering some of his brand new songs along with his popular renditions and well-received songs. His critically acclaimed performances have earned him great fame and name in recent years. So don’t miss the opportunity to listen to this melodic icon of our times.

See you all there, on 11th January 2020.

Schedule – Lahore 2020

About ThinkFest

The Afkar-e-Taza ThinkFest is inspired by the thought of Pakistan’s poet laureate, Sir Muhammad Iqbal, where he exclaimed in his poem Takhliq (Creation) that ‘New worlds derive their pomp from thoughts quite fresh and new/From stones and bricks a world was neither built nor grew.’ In order to create these ‘newer worlds,’ the ThinkFest aims to achieve three objectives: First is the creation of newer spaces, realms, and opportunities for the flourishing of new thoughts and ideas, so that Pakistan can develop as a forward-looking and progressive country. Secondly, the Afkar-e-Taza ThinkFest aims to bridge the gap between academia and society by becoming an interface between them. Worldwide newer and creative thoughts are incubated in universities and colleges, but in Pakistan, there is little interaction between academia and the general public. This event bridges the gap by providing academic discourse in an accessible yet robust manner, for fuller understanding and engagement. And thirdly, since recently Pakistan and the world have been mired in the vortex of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ which blur and mask our knowledge and judgments on critical issues, the Afkar-e-Taza ThinkFest provides us with an opportunity to engage with leading scholars from around the world in a fact based and critical discussion which is grounded and vigorous.

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Afkar-e-Taza ThinkFest provides you with an opportunity to engage with leading scholars from around the world in a fact-based and critical discussion which is grounded and vigorous. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.