After the success of the 4th Afkar-e-Taza ThinkFest in Lahore in January 2020, we bring to you the 5th ThinkFest in Lahore in February 2021!!!

Keeping in mind the Covid 19 pandemic, the 2021 physical session of the ThinkFest Lahore was cancelled. However, building on the strength of ThinkFest Conversations, programming has continued, with ThinkFest Online being launched in February 2021. This series, which began with several back-to-back panels from February 11-14, 2021, will continue over February, March and April 2021, and continue to bring the world’s top academics, opinion makers and leaders to Pakistan and beyond.

ThinkFest Lahore will feature leading academics from across the world, distinguished journalists and commentators, and awarding winning writers. Plus the chance to speak your mind at the Speaker’s Corner where everyone can organise their own talk or panel.

So don’t miss it.

Stay tuned for speaker and panel announcements.

Come, Think, Question!

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Afkar-e-Taza ThinkFest provides you with an opportunity to engage with leading scholars from around the world in a fact-based and critical discussion which is grounded and vigorous. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.